Sunday, February 26, 2012

18 months and 3 weeks

Gideon went to the Wildwood 3rd grade concert on Thursday evening. He was a big hit with all the kids and adults. He saw all the students blowing into their recorders to make music or just an annoying sound sometimes. Gideon wanted to join in the fun, so he picked up a marker and started to blow onto the cap. He was having so much fun playing along.

Gideon and I went to the Read across America story time at Target on Saturday morning. We left the house so that Garrett can have some peace and quiet to work on his Boards. Gideon was more interested in the other kids who were at the story time. He walked up to them and would wave his hand. During the story, Gideon sat on my lap and ate some cheesy crackers. He was well behaved and very interested in the reading of The Lorax.

Gideon's wardrobe: Thank you to Auntie Coralie for the awesome T-shirt. Garrett is very proud that Gideon's T-shirt collection is also growing.



A couple of fun videos


  1. i hope you didn't open those 2-liters for a while..... and i can't believe you let him do that! i hate flat soda!!! ;) hahahah *covers mouth* hahahaha!

  2. I love how entertained he is by the bottles!! And at the end...running away with arms behind him? Camille does that, too. Who taught these kids how to do that? The only thing to break their fall would be their face. Doh! :)