Monday, July 11, 2011

11 months (Week 47)

It has been a whirlwind of a week, especially with the packing and traveling to sunny California. We made it in safely to many friendly faces who welcomed us all back, especially Gideon. He did well on the airplane ride. He liked looking at the lady sitting behind us. I believe it is because she looked a little like Aunt Patty, his daycare provider.


Since we have arrived, Gideon is adapting to sleeping in warmer weather, sleeping in different locations (room, hotel room, on a bed) and meeting so many new faces. He also had his second haircut with my cousin, Betty. I scheduled it too close to his naptime so he was not the best client but Betty was very patient and thinned out his hair for the summer weather.



Garrett and I joined my family to watch the production of Billy Elliot in San Francisco. It was amazing. I loved it and I think that Garrett wasn't bored out of his mind. Thanks to Uncle Dustin and Auntie Valene for watching Gideon so we can enjoy this great show! Gideon played with them and ate a big snack too!

Now, I am getting ready for my teaching conference in Las Vegas. I leave today and return on Friday. This will be my first time away from my boys for longer than a day. I know that Garrett and Gideon will have a fantastic time together, but I will miss them a lot! So Garrett will be stay-at-home dad for the week. Maybe he will write the next weekly post!

Until next time!





  1. I love spending time with Gideon! He is SUCH a good baby and Dustin and I had a lot of fun babysitting him. =)

  2. whoa, look at the chub on those legs! when is it my turn to hang out?!