Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week 50

We returned home to our cousin, Megan visiting from CA and other not-so-fun news, stolen mail. Other than that, we are blessed to return from a wonderful vacation visiting family and friends. We miss every one of you but we know that we will be visiting soon, plus we have skype. Video chat anyone?

Just a quick post and then other posts will slowly come out. Here is Gideon at 50 weeks. I just figured out that we are off by a week since this should be his fifty-first week and next week is the fifty-second week, his one year birthday. Oh well, we are just off and that's ok.



  1. omg-- where did you get that shirt?!?!? 95008!??! :)

  2. it was a gift from grandma wong. yup, i love the shirt too! putting Campbell on the map!

  3. skype me! 9pm West coast is my lunch time. I would like to meet Gideon! my skype name is Cphyti