Sunday, May 29, 2011

Week 41

It's Memorial day weekend, so I added a couple of activities that I usually wouldn't have on a normal weekend. Gideon and I had a play date with Zane and Zane's mom. Garrett and I stayed up making catfish nuggets and chocolate chip cookies, just because. I wish every weekend was a three day weekend.

Well, we are in week 41, one week before the big ten month birthday! I cannot believe how fast the time is going. Especially now that school is almost out! Woohoo for summer break!

This week Gideon is working on scooting down the sofa while standing. He tries to move his feet but he mostly reaches for the toy or remote control without having to move down the sofa.

We also caught Gideon dumping out some baby powder on the ground. Here is the after picture.


Gideon knows that there is more places to see off the play mats. He ventures off the mats into the new territory. He plays with the carseat. He rocks it back and forth, watching the movement. Then he would try to rock the exosaucer too. He is a curious baby. Here he is playing with the awesome ball that Auntie Valene and Uncle Dustin gave Gideon for Christmas. He is no longer just sucking it but playing with it.




And of course, the weekly photos! Enjoy!




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  1. he's so cute! i loooooove the baby powder pic! :)