Saturday, May 7, 2011

9 months! (Week 38)

I cannot believe that Gideon is now 9 months old. He went to see the pediatrician this week. Due to a mommy memory lapse, we did not see Dr. Kumasaka. Since Gideon is moving around a lot, he did not gain as much weight. He is now 18 lbs. 4 oz. He is 27.75 inches tall. The pediatrician was impressed by Gideon's ability to pull himself up and crawling all over the place. She also predicts that he might be an earlier walker.

This week Gideon met Ayano for the first time. She played volleyball with us when she was living in Seattle. She was visiting from Japan this past week. She liked holding Gideon and Gideon liked her too.

Gideon, Ayano and Aya

Gideon also played with Camille. Well, side by side play. He doesn't know his own strength.

Gideon and Camille


So his weekly picture was fun to take this week. He was awake, happy and alert. I love the picture where he looks like he is doing soulja boy. =) Gideon, happy 9 month birthday! We love you!

Week 38, 9 Months

Week 38, 9 Months

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