Saturday, May 21, 2011

Week 40

This week was filled with sunshine, bucket hat (sun hat, multiple stinky diapers (no more once a week) and a trip to the dentist.

I better start with the last item, the dentist. With the brushing and rubbing of Gideon's teeth, at least twice a day, he was showing signs of stains near his gum line. I tried to rub harder, but then Gideon would get mad so we tried a non-fluoride tooth gel. He didn't seem to mind with the naturally flavored gel but he still didn't like the rubbing. The stains were still there and I wasn't sure how bad it would be. So we got a medical opinion. Gideon would not keep his mouth open to have the dentist try to get the stains off. The dentist said that we are doing everything right in trying to keep his teeth clean. He said to continue doing it and just watch out for further staining. I am more at peace with what we are doing and continuing to monitor his teeth.

Ok, back to the more fun stuff. With the sunshine, Gideon does not like to wear sunglasses that we would try on in the store. So we opted for a sun hat or what Garrett would say, a bucket hat because it's more masculine sounding.

One morning, while I was driving Garrett to work, Gideon was playing in his carseat reading a book. The sun was just hitting that spot in the sky where driving eastbound can be a little tricky. Well, we were driving westbound and the sun was behind us, aka through the rear window. Garrett was taking his normal morning nap when I heard Gideon crying. Usually he doesn't cry in the morning. He is well-fed. He has a clean diaper and a toy. Garrett woke up to find Gideon pulling down the canopy of the carseat and the sunlight was hurting his eyes. Garrett fixed the canopy and went back to sleep. Thirty seconds later, Gideon was crying again, canopy pulled down and sun in his eyes. We thought he would learn from the first time, or the second time, but nope, he continued to do it all the way to daycare. Crazy boy! So I found him this awesome reversible bucket hat from etsy on sale. I also bought another one in a larger size.

Gideon tried monterey jack cheese this week. He made a slimy mess. =)

Bucket hat profile

Bucket hat

eating cheese

Week 40

Week 40

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  1. I love that third picture of gideon!