Monday, January 16, 2012

17 months and 1 week

With snow outside, I am finally updating the blog. I love postseason football games. I spent the weekend watching games. Gideon would be surprised when I would cheer. Gideon wore his 49ers jersey all day on Saturday. He took his nap during the 2nd and 3rd quarter. We were happy when Gideon woke up for the 4th quarter. He will wear the jersey again on Sunday, Jan 22nd. Yes, we did not wash the jersey and yes, he will wear it all day, even at Makayla's birthday party.

Here is a picture of us cheering the niners. Gideon likes to point his finger, but I think he was saying number 1!



Snow arrived in the Pacific Northwest over the MLK weekend. Gideon does not have any snow clothes, so he didn't get to touch it. He did get to see it and walk around a little. He was not sure about it at all. I think he liked it best when we were watching the snowfall from inside the house by the window.


17 months picture


17 months and 1 week (with a special message!)


We are very excited to announce that we are expecting baby Chan #2 around July 27th. We know there will be many adjustments and transitions, but we know we can depend on friends and family who will support us through the first weeks of crazy!


  1. First of all, I just discovered Seasons of Chan. Love it and will be looking forward to watching him grow.
    But mainly... CONGRATULATIONS! Super exciting to hear that Gideon will be a big brother. Let the madness begin.

  2. Congratulations Gar and Shiv! How exciting!