Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week 28 and scooting

It has been a weird work week since we only worked two of the five days. No complaining here. It just means that we spend more time with Gideon. Unfortunately we do have to make up the snow day in June and now we end the school year on Monday. Hmmm... could I bring Gideon to work on the last day of school for 2 hours?

Anyway, Gideon has been eating new solids this week and continuing with the solids that he already likes. He is eating avocado, butternut squash and apples. Thanks to the awesome gift from Grandpa and Grandma Wong and Auntie Jaime! We love the Beaba! More pictures to come.

While skyping with Auntie Jaime, Gideon ended up in between the couches. He was wearing his fuzzy bear pants that picked up dust as easily as a Swiffer. Thanks, Gideon, for dusting for us! He was moving a lot so the picture is blurry.

Scooting Backwards

Gideon is a yoga natural. Instead of army crawling, he is learning to strengthen his core muscles first by doing the plank. He pushes on his hands like a push-up and has a flat back. We are so proud.


Also the cute weekly picture. I just went through his clothes this past weekend and found a few items that he has not worn and he might outgrow very soon. That is why he is dressed up on a weekday, popping his collar. =)

Week 28

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  1. you got the pic of him! i love that he was in the skype window.... then he continued to scoot out of the frame.... gideon?! where did you go? :) love!