Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Things to do after Valentine's day has passed: post the pictures and buy valentine cards for next year. =)

This Valentine's day marked a big milestone, 10 years ago, Gar and I started dating and now we get to celebrate it with Gideon. We had a relaxing evening, making fried tilapia fillets and steamed bok choy. Garrett and I used to make meals together but after Gideon's birth, we just didn't make the time. So we are making more of an effort to cook and share a meal together at the same time.

So we took some pictures of Gideon in his valentine's outfit. There is also a cute pic of his two teeth.

Valentine's day

My two teeth!

Garrett is a proud papa. He loves spending time with Gideon, playing and laughing. He is even thinking about future father-son times. Look at Gideon and his first Valentine's day present!

Valentine's present

Valentine's present

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  1. Happy anniversary, Chans! Do you guys blow dry Gideon's hair? He has streaks of hilights in his hair...like a K-pop/J-pop star!!