Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 26

Time flies. Parents told us this statement many times when I was pregnant. I didn't believe them until now. Gideon is now almost one year old. Yes, I know that it is months away but it feels like days from now.

Taking his weekly picture has been more challenging each week. He loves to sit forward and attack the lion stuffed animal. I had to take like 10 pictures to get the one. It reminds me of the joke I used to laugh about with Jaime and Dustin. "I'm an African brain sucker..." hahahah


Uncle Martin, Uncle Howard and Auntie Bik were in town last week for Ashley's birthday. We met a couple of times to hang out and eat. Thank you to Kristie, we were able to get a family photo at Cheeky Cafe. Thank you to Abe for getting Gideon's attention.


We attended a superbowl party at our friend's house with Gideon in tow. He was cheering on the Packers with everybody else. During halftime, Kristie was strengthening her arm muscles for volleyball spikes with Gideon.


As I am writing this blog post, I am watching Gideon trying to fall asleep for the night. Now that he can roll over, we are waiting for the moment when he turns on his tummy to sleep. He just rolled over and is in the upward dog pose. I think he has surprised himself. He puts his head down for a little while to sleep and then it's upward dog pose. He is also perpendicular in the crib. I don't know how he gets into those positions so quickly.


  1. .... "what am i doing?" ..... "starving!" ;)

    thanks for being so consistent with the blog updates. it makes me happy. :)

  2. i love that you totally remembered the joke, j.

    i am consistent so that i can share his growth with his ca family. =)

  3. soon he won't be able to see through that hair. :)