Sunday, August 1, 2010

RoundTwo: 1 Griffin vs 9 Garrison; 12 Cooper vs 13 Landon

The final first round match-up concluded with not just one, but TWO upsets: Tiberius beats Amadeus 9-2, and Marius beats Gen 8-1.

At Siobhan's request, we're starting the second round with the VANILLA region of the name bracket. The first match-ups are:

1 Griffin vs 9 Garrison


12 Cooper vs 13 Landon

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Gar: The first match-up is hard for me because I like both "G" names, but I'll give the edge to Griffin rather than Garrison, for the coolness factor of a half-eagle, half-lion mythological animal. As for Cooper versus Landon, both names were upsets that I'm not very fond of, but if I had to pick one, I'll pick Landon.

Siobhan: With the "G" names, they are both interesting in their own ways. Yes, Griffin has a coolness factor with it but I will have to just state the awesome statements I made in the previous post. "Garrison stands for spear-fortified town; protection, stronghold. Definitely manly characteristics!" Cooper vs. Landon. That is a tough match-up because well, Landon is from the movie, "A Walk to Remember" and I forgot to mention that Cooper reminded me of Cooper Nielson from "Centerstage." Cooper Nielson was too charming and manipulative in the movie. Let's go Landon!



  1. Griffin and Landon. Griffin's just better and how can you go wrong with Landon "National Treasure" Donovan?

  2. I vote for Griffin and Cooper! Landon Chan sounds kind of sing-songy to me!

  3. I'll go with Griffin and Cooper. Griff and Coop are cool nicknames.

  4. Griffin and Landon. You guys are so funny, love this bracket!

  5. Griffin & Landon are the choices for Miranda & Eugene

  6. hrm.... do votes still count? welcome baby chan!!!!! :)