Friday, September 23, 2011

Week 59

This is the week that Gideon started to walk a couple of steps. He has been standing on his own and cruising along the couches, but he is now ready to move forward in open areas. We are so proud. Our praise and applause seem to catch him off guard that he falls down.

Gideon is also talking a lot and repeating what we say. He is still an early bird and he loves to eat. He prefers to feed himself and only eats food that he likes. He can drop cheerios and puffs when he wants "real" food. He comes over to us when we have our dinner plates/bowl in our hands. He believes that anything we are eating is better than what's on his plate even if it's the same thing.

Thanks to Auntie Ginger for his weekly outfit. She bought it when he was a wee little one. I just found it and I think it's already too small. Enjoy!




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