Monday, September 5, 2011

Week 56

School has started and the Chan family is trying to stay on top of everything. Gideon is learning to sleep earlier so that he wakes up earlier. Gar and Shiv are trying to balance work and family now that our schedules are full during the weekdays. So, that means that weekly posts may be later or may be shorter than usual. I haven't even blogged about Gideon's birthday parties yet. I will soon.

My school has become an AVID elementary school. It focuses on helping students be organized and prepared for college. As a staff, we wore college shirts to one of our staff meetings. I dressed Gideon in his UW gear and Garrett decided to wear his shirt too. So what should we do now? Take a family photo with the tripod. Enjoy the multiple shots.




Gideon's weekly picture is dedicated to Auntie Maria who loves lobsters. If you look carefully, the lobster has googly eyes. =)



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