Sunday, September 26, 2010

sundays are son-days


As an educator, I spend most of the weekdays teaching and caring for other peoples' kids. I don't mind (I chose the job, right?), but now that I'm a dad, I find a lot of my thoughts are still with my son even during the workday. Is he asleep or awake? What's he eating? Is he being fussy or happy? How's his acid reflux?

It's only on days like Sunday, when the volume of my thoughts actually converge with the time I get to spend with him. In typical Asian dad fashion, I spend more time "doing things" than actually talking... holding him, bouncing him, changing him, bathing him, and yeah, even feeding him. It's still all new to me, so I enjoy it... honestly, I hope it never bores me. Any time I love all the time I get to spend with him.

Even looking at his face, I can already see him growing, getting a little bit bigger each day. His two month birthday is coming up!


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  1. Love the gangster photo. Who would have thought you'd be an asian dad! Not i.