Thursday, September 16, 2010

mom's first group meeting

I am learning to type with one hand since gideon sleeps better on someone or carrying him. so bear with me and the typos. Garrett will be posting, week 5 and week 6 pictures of Gideon. Also an awesome Father-son picture that I am sure you will like.

My friend Adrienne invited me to "First Weeks," a place where moms and their babies from 0-12 weeks could come and discuss any baby/parenting issues. It was comforting to know that other new moms had the same frustrations or uncertainties of parenthood. Adrienne encouraged me to come and bring Gideon along since many babies come hungry, fussy or just crying. I was apprehensive since Gideon's acid reflux was just diagnosed and Garrett and I were still learning to cope with it.

Fast forward a week, Gideon and I went to our first weeks meeting. We had lunch with our friend Adrienne and she continued to shower many encouraging words. She walked me to the meeting room and said that you'll be fine. I went in and I was one of the first two moms there. I signed in and sat on a chair that was part of the open circle. Many moms started to come in and I had the opportunity to talk to a mom that sat next to me. As the class began, we introduced ourselves and our babies. Ann, the facilitator, asked me if I was here last week. I said that this was my first time. She welcomed me with a friendly smile.

An Asian lady came in late with her baby and Ann, the facilitator, asked if she was here last week. She said no and said that this was her first time. I was thinking in my head, "Hmmm.. an Asian mom must have come last week and she can't remember what she looked like." Five minutes later, another Asian mom came with her infant and Ann asked the same question: Were you here last week? The same answer of no, this is my first time ensued.

When I told this story to Garrett, he laughed out loud. I guess it was kind of funny if you think about the circumstances.

I guess with these First weeks meetings, many of the participants happen to be Caucasian. Gideon and I had a good meeting considering he cried for most of it, but I made an acquaintance that has positive potential. Until next week.

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