Sunday, October 7, 2012

Seona's birth story from Siobhan's perspective

Well, the baby name bracket was not finished before Seona's arrival. Many thanks to those who voted and gave their opinions. Again, we had to decide on a name at the hospital. We had our top five but narrowing them down was harder.

Back to the birth story, this pregnancy was similar to Gideon's pregnancy. I thought for sure she would be early like her brother. After the 37th week, we were in uncharted waters. I continued my weekly OB appointments hoping to hear, she is coming soon. My OB was on vacation on my 37th and 38th weeks. She said there would be a chance I would deliver when she was away. Seona's arrived on her first day back from vacation.

I was four centimeters dilated at my 37th week appointment. The OB said she should arrive soon. No baby and I saw the OB the following week. Now I was five centimeters dilated. Since I had the strep bacteria cultures, I needed to take an antibiotic before giving birth. Since my first pregnancy came so quickly, the OB was worried I wouldn't make it to the hospital in time to take the antibiotic. She scheduled me for an induction for Monday July 23rd, basically break my water. I knew that once my water broke, the contractions would begin.

On Sunday evening, I was starting to feel contractions. By midnight, they were more frequent about 9 minutes apart and more intense. I called the on call OB. She said to wait to see if the frequency increased and it did. We left for the hospital at 2am. At the hospital, the contractions lessened in intensity and they were not frequent anymore. I was prepared to be sent back home. The on call OB was the one who predicted an early arrival for our baby. She recognized me right away. She checked my cervix and admitted me into the hospital. I was put on the antibiotics and garrett and I waited. We talked about our top 4 name choices. We knew we had to have a couple of names before her arrival.

My OB came at 8am to check in with me. She would break my water and then wait and see how my body reacts. She broke my water at 815am and left until the nurse would call her. The contractions started right away and getting more intense by the minute. The nurse asked if I would like an epidural. I said I would wait a little while. Five minutes later, I could not wait. I asked Garrett to call the nurse to call for an epidural. I am not a light weight when it comes to pain. The contractions were coming faster and more frequent as each minute passed by. I knew she would arrive at any moment. The epidural was placed and it was now the waiting game. Within an hour, my body was ready. The nurse called for my OB. She arrived and coached me on my pushes with every contraction. Four pushes later, baby girl arrived. Yup, four pushes! I couldn't believe it. She was crying like crazy. Garrett and I knew that we were in for a ride.


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