Sunday, December 4, 2011

16 months!

Our little one is now sixteen months old. I cannot believe how fast the time has gone by. I guess being a teacher, the hours go by slowly but the days zip by. Gideon is happy to be at daycare and so happy to see us when we pick him up. We are so blessed with a happy baby. Well, I don't think we can call him a baby anymore. He is more of a toddler now, in ability and in ego.

Gideon knows how to switch hands when he is holding something. When I change him, he is sometimes holding a snack cup or a toy. I would take one arm out of the shirt and I would say, "switch, Gideon." Gideon would switch the toy or snack trap into the other hand. Recently, Gideon has been refusing to switch. I know he understands my words because I try to do the same routine so that he can see a pattern. So, now I have to help Gideon switch hands. He complies when I have to switch it for him. He is already trying to exert himself.

Gideon's favorite book that he wants to read is Bear in Underwear. It is a bear who finds a backpack of underwear in the forest and he wants to find the right pair of underwear. I don't know why Gideon loves it but he does. Thank you Auntie Megan for the book. There are also other ones in the series: Bear in long underwear and Bear in pink underwear. Hmm... may have to check out from the library.

I forgot to post in the last post a shout out to Auntie Kimmie for watching Gideon on a Monday evening. Garrett and I wanted to see the sneak preview of the movie, Hugo. She graciously came and played with Gideon. She also was amazed by the night time routine that we have created for Gideon. She said she followed it and he went down without a fuss.

Weekly photo in his awesome jacket that I found in Gideon's closet. Thank you Auntie Ginger!




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