Monday, November 14, 2011

15 months and 1 week

I am getting confused with counting by the weeks, so I am now onto months and weeks. We had a busy weekend even though it was a three day weekend for Garrett and me. We spent Friday as a family day so we just played, ate and had fun with Gideon. On Saturday, I was single-mom for the day. Garrett flew down to California for Unk's service. Garrett represented the seasons of chan. Gideon and I went to a play area at a mall. We went to the library to pick up new books. We watched college football too!

This past week, I learned why Gideon greets people in a high squeal and a shoulder shrug to the left. When I dropped him off at daycare, the young girls would greet Gideon in the high squeal and Gideon would respond back. It made me laugh. Gideon also learned how to play peek-a-boo with his hands. He would close his eyes and cover his eyes with one hand. Then I tried to teach him to blow a kiss with his hand close to his mouth instead of his eye. We are working on it. Sometime he blows a kiss and other times he just looks at me funny.

Garrett taught Gideon something new too. He noticed that Gideon likes to squat close to the pumpkin that we did not carve for Halloween. Hmm.. I think Garrett should explain this story. Just think squatting and video games.

Gideon was better at his weekly photo op this week. I can't believe how big he is getting. I just bought him new shoes, size 6!



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