Saturday, April 17, 2010

Almost ready to start voting!

Hey there, friends and family,

Thank you for all the great name suggestions. I believe that one of the "better" ones was a suggestion of a current students' name in my class. I quickly vetoed that one. No need for another reminder of this school year.

We are gathering the names and "seeding" the names on the bracket. I think that it has been a great way to continue conversations between family and friends. Yes, we know that we are trusting in this process, but we are wanting to include as many people in our journey with our little one.

On a side note, Grandma and Grandpa Wong sent us this book titled, The Baby Owner's Manual: Operating instructions, trouble-shooting tips and advice on the first-year maintenance. Garrett and I love this book. It is practical and hilarious at the same time. Here is a little excerpt for you. =)

The Baby: Diagram and Parts List
Virtually all current models come pre-installed with the following features and capabilities. If the baby is missing one or more of the functions described herein, contact the baby's service provider immediately.

Head: May initally appear unusually large or even cone-shaped, depending on model and delivery option. A cone-shaped head will become more rounded after four to eight weeks.

Neck: Upon arrival, this feature may appear "useless." This is not a defect. The neck will become more useful in two to four months.

I love the second sentence. Keep those names coming!!!


  1. You have a student named Optimus Prime?! Awesome! Or is it Kraken? Yeah, I wouldn't say it's a good pick either. Sorry for suggesting that one.

  2. Nope, I liked Optimus Prime. I think it would be a great choice. A co-worker suggested Kai, a "crazy" student in my class.